ThePhotoStick: Keeping All of Your Memories Safe

One of the best parts about today’s technology is that it easily lets us document our lives. Whether we are on vacation with our families or are gathering for our children’s birthday parties, we can easily take a quick photograph or video and share it with our friends. Even better, we can use our computers to edit photos or videos into a beautiful collage or slideshow.

While technology has made this creation process much more straightforward, there are still some obstacles in the creation process. Specifically, there is the worry that we will lose our photos or videos. According to one study, 31 percent of PC users have lost all of their files because of events beyond their control. And even if our photos or videos aren’t deleted for some reason, we can spend many valuable minutes searching our computers to find the precise file. It can be frustrating.

This is where ThePhotoStick comes in. It is a tool that helps you instantly backup your photos and videos—all in one click. By investing in ThePhotoStick, you will gain some valuable peace of mind that comes with being absolutely certain that your photos and videos are backed up.

How ThePhotoStick Works

Even if you don’t consider yourself a technologist, you will be able to use ThePhotoStick to back up all of your photos and videos. It all comes down to two easy steps. After purchasing ThePhotoStick, simply take the included USB drive and plug it into your computer. Once a prompt appears on your computer screen, click the “Go” button. It is a simple as that.

ThePhotoStick is powerful. Because of its large storage capacity, ThePhotoStick lets you store up to 60,000 photos and videos. Even better, you can use ThePhotoStick without needing to install any complicated software. It works for both Mac and PC devices, so you can be absolutely certain that ThePhotoStick will work with your computer.

Another awesome feature of ThePhotoStick is that it keeps your photos and videos organized. It automatically filters out duplicate photos or videos that you have, making it much easier to quickly find certain photos or videos. Along with this, the filtering feature lets you maximize space on ThePhotoStick so that you can add even more photos and videos.

Some of the other features within ThePhotoStick include a fast backup time. While some other file backup services may force you to wait a long time when completing the backup, ThePhotoStick is different. It can back up thousands of photos in mere minutes, letting you get to your work more quickly. Ongoing backups are another awesome feature. You can instantly backup new files according to your preferred schedule, whether it is monthly, weekly, or even daily.

Get Started Today

ThePhotoStick is a stellar tool if you are looking to easily and quickly back up your photos and videos. It is available in three different sizes (eight gigabytes, 64 gigabytes, and 128 gigabytes), giving you the flexibility to choose the right amount of storage for your needs. A well-reviewed product, ThePhotoStick can be one of the best investments you make this year.

If you would like to learn more about ThePhotoStick, click here. We encourage you to get started today.

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