How VIZR Can Help You Safely Navigate When Driving

One of the most difficult things about driving is navigating to an unknown or unfamiliar destination. Yes, there are several tools—like Google Maps or Waze—that can make this task much easier. But having said this, all of these tools force you to take your eyes off the road (even if it is for an instant). Inevitably, this places you and your fellow passengers in more danger, whether you are traveling at high speeds or low speeds.

Drivers often take on these added risks out of pure convenience. They may think: “The odds are low, so why worry?” The truth of the matter, however, is that there is a stellar tool that can help you navigate while keeping your eyes on the road. It is called VIZR.

An Introduction to VIZR

VIZR is an amazing new technology that leverages both GPS navigation and a beautiful heads-up display. Essentially, VIZR helps get you to your destination by displaying directions directly in front of you. Instead of glancing from your phone or device, finding the next turn, and then bringing your attention back to traffic in front of you, you can simply look straight ahead.

To put it simply, words can’t do it justice. By clicking here, you can view a video that shows off this truly impressive technology. This technology is so useful that it is used by fighter pilots. While the heads-up display is tailored for a military application, they use it to stay focused on their flight path when navigating.

Even better, it is extremely easy to get started with VIZR. After purchasing a VIZR device, you only need to follow three steps. To start, simply take the VIZR device out of its box and place it on the dash of your car. From there, take out your mobile phone and select your navigation feature. Finally, place your phone on VIZR. By following these steps in succession, you will be able to conveniently drive and navigate while viewing the road ahead.

VIZR works in any car and fits any size phone. It also contains an adjustable screen so that you can find the most optimal angle when you are driving your vehicle. VIZR is scratch and smear-resistant, giving you the confidence that you will not have an unclear or otherwise obstructed view. And if you are worried about your VIZR slipping as you are driving? You can rest easy, as VIZR contains a slip-resistant surface that keeps your phone safe when you are on the road.

In sum, VIZR can make your driving experience safer and better. But don’t take it from us. One VIZR user says that it is an essential tool for any parent. “VIZR helps keep my family safe,” she said. “I can navigate around town while keeping my eyes on the road.” Another VIZR user loves the fact that VIZR is an “inexpensive way to add navigation on my dashboard.”

Whatever your particular reason for using VIZR, you will likely be extremely satisfied. To learn more about VIZR and take advantage of a special holiday sale, click here.

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