Why You Shouldn’t Drive Without Fixd

There are far too many horror stories surrounding untrustworthy mechanics. Although we know most of them are honest and fair, it can be easy for those of us who don’t know much about the inner-workings of cars (aside from our radio and the lights on our dashboard) to end up spending far more money than required – or get stranded in the middle of nowhere with a faulty engine.

Fixd is every car owner’s solution to understanding and monitoring their vehicle for issues, maintenance reports, and peace of mind. 

When the “check engine” light turns on it can be easy to ignore it, after all, it could be one of thousands of problems and if the car isn’t stuttering it can wait until payday.  Making a decision like this, especially when your car could quit on you at any moment, could cause an unnecessary and serious collision. 

Fixd sends alerts to your smartphone, instantly notifying you when a light is on, what the issue is, and even the approximate cost to have it repaired. If it’s an extreme concern, you’re able to quickly get off the road and find a mechanic before further damage is caused. Plus, you’ll already know what’s wrong which will save the time needed to diagnose your vehicle or have your mechanic “find” further problems that aren’t there.

Did you know oil changes are important, not just to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty, but also to extend the life of your vehicle and obtain your maximum fuel efficiency? We get it, life gets busy and it can be difficult to keep up with timelines and vehicle maintenance. 

Fixd will not only keep track of when you need oil changes, but it will also match your vehicle with its manufacturing standards of maintenance. You’ll be getting regular updates geared towards your specific make and model, not an estimation. 

And, if you notice your car is no longer getting the same mileage, Fixd can suggest options and replacements that will maximize your fuel performance. 

Owning and monitoring the health of one car can be a struggle itself, but if your spouse or teenage children have cars as well, it can seem downright impossible. It’s a good thing Fixd lets you observe multiple cars from a single app. Imagine the money you save by easily keeping track of your vehicles as well as benefiting from Fixd multiple purchase discounts – and free shipping and handling. We’re not advertising if these sell themselves.

Every decade a technology or invention is introduced that changes the world. Years from now we’ll look back and wonder how we ever drove without Fixd installed. 

Vivian Lou: Making High Heels Much More Comfortable

Whether you are preparing to go to a fancy dinner or are getting ready to celebrate a special occasion, your footwear can be one of the more important decisions that you make. Footwear sends a strong signal about your style, taste, and the way that you think about yourself.

If you are looking to show off your confidence or make a statement, pulling out your trusted pair of high heels can be a great decision. That said, wearing a pair of high heels doesn’t come without costs. One of the most annoying things about wearing high heels centers on one word: pain. It can be painful—especially if you are wearing high heels for an extended period.

Vivian Lou was created to solve this problem. It is an insole for high heels that is proven to stop heel pain. Ultimately, it can be your best friend whenever you are wearing your favorite pair of high heels.

Why Vivian Lou is a Total Game-Changer

Vivian Lou is a total game-changer because of the way that it is designed. These permanent placement insoles, which were designed by a podiatrist and engineered by a rocket scientist, have proudly earned a seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

These weight-shifting insoles are so effective because they slightly rotate your heel bones up and back. Even though this adjustment is quite minor, the benefits cannot be overstated. Critically, this slight rotation process lets you have a more equal distribution of weight between your forefoot and your heel.

Why does this matter? With a standard three-inch high heel, three-quarters of a woman’s body pressure rests on her forefoot. This is where the majority of pain is felt, forcing you to cut an evening short or to carry another pair of shoes in your purse.

With Vivian Lou, however, some of that body pressure is shifted to your heel, allowing the pressure to be more equally distributed. It releases the pain and lets you focus less on your shoes and more on what is happening in front of you. Another benefit of shifting your weight to your heel is that your posture is straightened. You will experience less strain on your hips, knees, and back. Your ankles will also be more stable. In effect, this simple shift can create a wealth of benefits that you currently aren’t getting with your high heels.

Vivian Lou’s weight-shifting insoles aren’t just functional. These insoles are impossible to see in any shoe. You won’t need to worry about these insoles ruining your style. In addition, you can take advantage of precise sizing and insoles that won’t slip out of place.

To put it simply, these weight-shifting insoles can be an essential tool when wearing your high heels. You will feel less pain, giving you the energy and confidence to wear your high heels for longer. What’s not to like?

Get More Comfortable Today

To learn more about Vivian Lou’s weight-shifting insoles (including a special offer that you can access), don’t hesitate to click here.