Peeps: A Revolutionary Way to Keep Your Glasses Clean

Whether you wear them for reading, driving, or just to see clearly in your day-to-day life, it is imperative to keep your glasses clean. If they are dirty or contain smudges, you are putting your eyesight at risk. This can be annoying in some circumstances and even deadly in others (when driving, for example).

That’s the bad news. The good news, however, is that there is an easy-to-use solution that will help you get spotless lenses—every single time. That revolutionary solution is called Peeps. With Peeps, you can have the full confidence that your lenses will be as clean as the moment you purchased them. To put it another way, by purchasing Peeps, you can worry less about whether your glasses are clean and more about what is actually occurring in front of you.

How Peeps Works

So how does Peeps keep your glasses clean? Ultimately, Peeps contains a revolutionary and patented invisible carbon formula. This formula is safe on lenses and is used by several prominent organizations (like the U.S. military and NASA). To clean and protect your glasses lenses, all you need to do is use the included scratch-resistant brush and soft carbon microfiber pads to apply the invisible carbon formula.

There is a simple three-step process. First, use the scratch-resistant brush to gently remove any dust or abrasive particle on your glasses. Next, place one of your lenses in between the tong head and wipe the cleaning pads across the lens. Finally, do this for the other lens. That’s all there is to it.

Leveraging All of the Benefits

With Peeps, you will remove dust, abrasive particles, oil, fingerprints, and more. All of these tools provide for over 500 cleanings, which can help ensure that your lenses are always clean—wherever you are.

The compact pocket-design of Peeps is extremely useful if you need to clean your glasses when you are traveling or outside your home. Along with this, Peeps are not affected by the weather. Excessive heat, cold, or humidity won’t impair the solution. You can be confident that your lenses will be clean—each and every time.

You can find Peeps in a variety of colors. Some of these colors include green, black, red, purple, and blue. Whether you are looking for your favorite color or a color that matches your personality, you are sure to find it.

Even though there are many lens cleaning products out there, Peeps has attracted significant attention in the media. The product has been featured in media outlets like Eyecare Business, NBC, and Kevin Harrington. Ultimately, over 1.5 million customers trust Peeps to clean their glasses. According to one satisfied customer, “These really, really work. Other cleaners always seemed to leave a hint of film on my glasses, but these leave no traces. Just crystal clean lenses.”

If you have any questions about Peeps—including how they can keep your lenses clear—feel free to click here. By visiting that page, you can also access a special offer on your Peeps purchase.

How VIZR Can Help You Safely Navigate When Driving

One of the most difficult things about driving is navigating to an unknown or unfamiliar destination. Yes, there are several tools—like Google Maps or Waze—that can make this task much easier. But having said this, all of these tools force you to take your eyes off the road (even if it is for an instant). Inevitably, this places you and your fellow passengers in more danger, whether you are traveling at high speeds or low speeds.

Drivers often take on these added risks out of pure convenience. They may think: “The odds are low, so why worry?” The truth of the matter, however, is that there is a stellar tool that can help you navigate while keeping your eyes on the road. It is called VIZR.

An Introduction to VIZR

VIZR is an amazing new technology that leverages both GPS navigation and a beautiful heads-up display. Essentially, VIZR helps get you to your destination by displaying directions directly in front of you. Instead of glancing from your phone or device, finding the next turn, and then bringing your attention back to traffic in front of you, you can simply look straight ahead.

To put it simply, words can’t do it justice. By clicking here, you can view a video that shows off this truly impressive technology. This technology is so useful that it is used by fighter pilots. While the heads-up display is tailored for a military application, they use it to stay focused on their flight path when navigating.

Even better, it is extremely easy to get started with VIZR. After purchasing a VIZR device, you only need to follow three steps. To start, simply take the VIZR device out of its box and place it on the dash of your car. From there, take out your mobile phone and select your navigation feature. Finally, place your phone on VIZR. By following these steps in succession, you will be able to conveniently drive and navigate while viewing the road ahead.

VIZR works in any car and fits any size phone. It also contains an adjustable screen so that you can find the most optimal angle when you are driving your vehicle. VIZR is scratch and smear-resistant, giving you the confidence that you will not have an unclear or otherwise obstructed view. And if you are worried about your VIZR slipping as you are driving? You can rest easy, as VIZR contains a slip-resistant surface that keeps your phone safe when you are on the road.

In sum, VIZR can make your driving experience safer and better. But don’t take it from us. One VIZR user says that it is an essential tool for any parent. “VIZR helps keep my family safe,” she said. “I can navigate around town while keeping my eyes on the road.” Another VIZR user loves the fact that VIZR is an “inexpensive way to add navigation on my dashboard.”

Whatever your particular reason for using VIZR, you will likely be extremely satisfied. To learn more about VIZR and take advantage of a special holiday sale, click here.

Why Neck Pain is an Important Issue and How a Neck Hammock Can Help

If you’re reading this, you’re already putting a strain on your neck. One in three people is burdened with neck pain at least once a year and that number are growing. Neck issues are becoming a public concern due to the rise of technology and other factors that are increasing the stress we put on our bodies each day. 65 million people work with a computer each day, staring at a screen and purposely adding stress to their eyes and neck for the purpose of their work.  Let alone the amount of time we sit staring down at our phones, keeping up with social media, etc.

We’re not telling you to quit your jobs. On the contrary, we’ve invented a solution that will solve your neck issues and relieve pain in only a few minutes. 

What are the symptoms of neck tension?

Your neck is the center point of your body, supporting your head and brain as well as your spine and the muscles and nerve that branch down your ligaments. Tension, although localized to your neck, can cause a string of symptoms throughout your body.  

If you frequently have headaches, migraines, or see spots, it could be a side-effect of too much tension in your neck muscles. 

Other symptoms include, according to Healthline: 

  • muscle tightness
  • muscle spasms
  • muscle stiffness
  • difficulty turning your head in certain directions
  • pain that worsens in certain positions

Although there are often many recommendations for neck stretches and yoga, it can be tough to find the time and sometimes these stretches just don’t work. Invented by a certified physical therapist and sworn by doctors and chiropractors, the Neck Hammock isn’t just a gimmick, it’s created to actually work.

The Neck Hammock is an innovative way of relieving the stress we put on our head and neck each day. It uses resistance from your own body and gravity to stretch each muscle and ligament in your neck, instantly alleviating pain and even clearing the mind. For ten minutes, you can allow yourself to forget about everything else you need to do and improve your posture and alignment, literally taking the weight off your shoulders in ways a simple pillow can’t. 

Think about how relaxing it is putting your head into someone else’s hands and allow your anxieties to melt away. You no longer need to pay hundreds of dollars on massages and acupuncture treatments, because the Neck Hammock easily follows you wherever you need to go, whether it’s to the office, the cottage, or just at home. It’s easy to set up and even comes with an eye pillow to ease the strain a simple light can put on your eyes. 

Dodow: A Natural Cure for Insomnia?

Insomnia is a serious condition that up to 50% of the world’s population suffer from each year. It’s amazing how missing even a few hours of sleep can affect our mood as well as our mental and physical health. While most of what keeps us up at night is a mystery sometimes, scientists often can’t find an actual cure other than strong prescriptions, including narcotics and muscle relaxants that many sufferers become dependent on to sleep. Long term, this comes with its own issues. 

How Guided Breathing Can End Insomnia

If you’ve ever taken a yoga or meditation class, you’re already aware of that zen feeling your body creates where you feel like you could lay down and sleep in a heartbeat. Guided breathing actually through meditation actually physiologically mimics the same process your mind takes as your body prepares to sleep. By focusing on your breathing and slowly slowing the number of times you take in a breath, you can ease your racing mind, clear your thoughts, and fall asleep. 

According to, through guided breathing “your pulse slows, blood pressure drops, and stress hormones decrease. Being able to get to that state on demand means that you’ll have an easier time drifting off when you want to.” You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can fall asleep even with only a few minutes of simple breathing techniques. 

How Metronome-Light Can End Insomnia

Many of us use our phones to fall asleep while in fact, we are creating the opposite effect. Our minds, having the bright light stressing our eyes, can unintentionally believe it’s still daylight when in fact it’s 2 am and we’d give anything to fall asleep. 

There was some truth in the counting sheep method your mother taught you or when your grandfather said to think happy thoughts. Having something specific to look at or think about can help clear your mind and allow your body to release any built-up stress or tension. 

By using metronome light to focus on as well as help your body align its breathing with the soothing light, you can begin to retrain your body’s sleep habits to fall asleep naturally again. Instead of needing an hour or two to fall asleep, within a few days you’ll fall asleep before the light turns off and eventually not require it at all. 

The Dodow light is naturally aiding thousands of sufferers around the world and is becoming one of the most talked-about sleep devices on the market. Unlike similar imitations where your body can come to rely on the “white noise” and other effects to fall asleep, the Dodow cannot be replicated and is the only device that restores your body’s natural ability to fall asleep. 

It’s time for you to start believing you can sleep again through the Dodow’s guided breathing and metronome-light techniques.