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About Us


Meet the Sisters.Judy and Barbara

Judy and Barbara.

One, slightly reserved... the other, fairly outspoken. One, a workaholic... the other, constantly asking, "Is it Friday yet?"

One, with a very strong sense of business... the other, with a pretty strong sense of humor. One, has very defined goals about her future... the other, at 42, still wonders what she'll be when she grows up.

Both sisters work at the family business (electronics manufacturing). And, while once extremely profitable, the business is now being threatened by today's current practice of outsourcing product manufacturing.

In order to continue down the path of self employment, a decision had to be made. Either diversify, or relocate to some Asian city, and 'set up shop'. After brief consideration, the choice was simple. And with that, the birth of "By Popular Demand".

In this present world of constant adversity, it's important to know that each of us has a voice; a voice to be heard; a voice that shouts, "Peace!"

We are dedicated to using the skills and resources we have to encourage people to outwardly express their desires for a world of peaceful coexistence, while allowing room for individuality.

Whether meek or bold, abrasive or soft, conservative or liberal, By Popular Demand is sure to have a magnet that best suits your personal style.

After all, who doesn't want 'peace'?

* ByPopularDemand contributes to various relief organizations that provide aid to victims of devastation.

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